Storm Glass Weather Predicting Forecast Bottle Crystal Desktop Barometer With Wooden Base

Storm Glass Weather Predicting Forecast Bottle Crystal Desktop Barometer With Wooden Base - RAPBLUE

Storm Glass Weather Predicting Forecast Bottle Crystal Desktop Barometer With Wooden Base

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Stormglasses have been helping sailors since the 1800s predict the weather out at sea and now you can display one in your very own home, not only will it predict the storms ahead but its also a great looking piece and conversation starter. It should always be remembered that the state of air foretells coming weather rather than indicates weather that is present. An invaluable fact too often overlooked - that the longer the time between the signs and the change foretold by weatherglass. The longer such altered weather will last and on the contrary. The less the time the shorter will be the continuance of such weather. Crystal patterns inside the bottle can easily deceive the person, who from the signs alone expects to see immediate weather changes.

  • BE ABLE TO PREDICT THE CHANGES IN WEATHER PATTERNS: Want to be among the few people that can forecast the weather? How about make your home look unique and more attractive? Want to unite your family outdoor while observing the weather? Weather glass likewise known as storm glass is an antique weather instrument. It was made famous by the great English scientist Admiral Robert Fitzroy. Who demonstrated that if set up, undisturbed, in a well-ventilated room or, preferably, in the outer air.
  • UNIQUE WEATHER PREDICTOR: The chemical mixture in the weather predicting storm glass, changes in character with the way of the wind. The state of crystallization within the liquid inside the weather glass is linked to the weather changes. If you look at the formations of crystals inside the glass tube. You can forecast the approaching weather changes and enjoy the beauty that the instrument offers. While making your home look truly rare and appealing. Want to know how the instrument works?
  • HOME DECOR YOU`LL LOVE: If you observe the weather forecast glass as the atmospheric current moves toward or comes from the polar direction. You will notice that the chemical mixture inside grows like fir, yew, fern leaves, or like crystallization. Before or during northerly winds, the patterns are beautiful. If the storm glass is duly placed and the least motion of the liquid disturbs the crystals. Making it a unique decorative piece for your home that will spark interest in all your guests.
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR WEATHER FANS: As the wind tends more from the opposite quarter. The lines or spikes, all hard or crisp features gradually decrease until they vanish. If you watch weather glass in a continued southerly wind. You will see that the mixture sinks slowly downward in the vial. Till it becomes shapeless, like melting white sugar. In easterly winds, stars are more or less numerous and the liquid dull or less clear. In a westerly wind, the liquid is clear and crystallization well defined.
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