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The Best Bottle Cutter

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Product Story

The Bottle Cutter was designed to be the ultimate handheld bottle cutter. The cutting wheel is made from high-quality tungsten carbide steel that lasts over 200 cuts.  It adjusts to fit round bottles with a circumference ranging from 43 to 102mm. The bottle cutting process consists of easy 3 main steps that allow you to cut any bottle in just over a minute.

  • CUTS ALL BOTTLES: This glass bottle cutter can cut all round bottles such as wine bottles, beer bottles, brandy bottles, whiskey bottles, Vodka, Tapered, Champagne, Captain Morgan, Perrier, Pellegrino, Patron, Growler, Grand Marnier, Firestone, etc.
  • APPLICATION: The bottle cutter machine can cut bottles from 1.7" to 3.8". One blade lasts over 200 cuts. Easy to adjust the cutting length and diameter. You can cut both from the top or the bottom of the bottles and mason jars. Cutting blade can cut 2-8mm thickness for glass bottles. Sandpapers included to help finish the glass.
  • VIDEO TUTORIAL: There is a USB Z sticker including an operation tutorial coming with the glass bottle cutter. The video in the USB flash drive can help customers to get hang of the bottle scoring and separating skills very quickly.
  • EASY TO USE: This glass bottle scoring machine is easy to use and can help you make many creative projects like party candles and DIY vases. And it can help you to recycle the bottles.

How does it work?

  • Scoring Process:  Insert a bottle into the Glass Bottle Cutter so that the cutting wheel lines up to the desired cutting location and adjust the screws until it grasps the bottle firmly but still allows it to easily turn. Engage the cutting wheel and rotate the bottle one complete turn ONLY. You will hear a clicking sound once the rotation is complete.
  • Separation Process:  Place a separation tie on each side of the scoreline and pour alternating streams of boiling and cold water to stress the glass. It can handle thick and thin bottles just fine, however, the thicker glass may require more cycles of boiling and cold water to force the separation.
  • Finishing Process:  Apply sandpaper to easily remove any sharp edge. We tend to cut bottles with attractive painted labels because preserving paper labels is a challenge. The variety of bottles is endless, and so are the projects you can create with the Glass Bottle Cutter.

How to use:

  • Adjust the cutter:  Insert a glass bottle into the cutter and tighten the screw, make sure the cutting wheel can touch the bottle with pressure.
  • Cut a line on the bottle:  This is exactly the same as making a score line when glass cutting. Using one hand rotate the cutter and another hand to keep the bottle sturdy. This will take practice if you have never used a cutter to cut glass before. Only cut around the bottle once.
  • Heat and cool the cutting line:  Flush the scoreline with cold and hot water alternately, until the glass bottle is separated.
  • Smooth the cutting line:  Smooth the cutting line with sandpaper.
Size  7.5 x  5.4 in
Suitable Thickness 0.1 -  0.3 in (bottles  thickness)
Suitable Diameter 2 - 4 in (bottles diameter)
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