Novelty Potato Clock Electrochemical Cell Experiment

Novelty Potato Clock Electrochemical Cell Experiment - RAPBLUE

Novelty Potato Clock Electrochemical Cell Experiment

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Product Story

Expand your child's mind and help him explore and learn through this experimentation. You may experiment with different liquids like salt water, fruit juices. The Fun is unlimited! 

How it works:

  • The metal strips and potato make a simple battery that creates electricity to operate the clock. Each potato works as a device called a electrochemical cell. It converts the chemical energy stored in the metal strips into electrical energy. Two potatoes are needed to make electricity strong enough to run the clock.
  • A cell works because of the chemical properties of the metals inside (in this case the copper and zinc). The different properties cause tiny particles charged with electricity. (called ions) to move between the two strips of metal. 
  • This flow is an electric current. The potato contains the particles that allow the current to flow,but it stops the metals touching. Electric current also flows along the wires between the zinc and copper strips and the clock. This current makes the clock work.
  • Clock Size:6.7cm x 3.2cm - 2.64inch x 1.26inch approx.
Package Contains:  
  • 1 x Potato Clock Set
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